Hybrid Strength and Conditioning

This is a strength and conditioning based program focused on the basics. We squat, press, and deadlift. The conditioning pieces are focused on DB and KB movements that also include running, biking, and rowing.

Functional Fitness

This program will introduce you to all of the movements that we teach including Olympic lifting and higher skill gymnastics. We do a little bit of everything in this class. All of our workouts are scale-able for anyone regardless of age and/or experience.


This program is cardio and body weight focused. Expect to get your sweat on in this class. We mainly use DBs and KBs coupled with cardio machines and running in this class. Expect to sweat in our Burn class!!!

Open Gym

If you’re the type of person that would rather train on your own vs in a group setting or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you to make classes then you can utilize our open gym hours. We have several blocks of time throughout each day and weekends that allows you to use the space and equipment as you see fit!