“I joined B Athletics last summer as a 50 year-old male who had never participated in any type of functional fitness program. I would have described my fitness level as pretty average, and had no idea what to expect.  I didn’t have any specific fitness goal other than to maintain a reasonable level of fitness and health in my 50s.  What  I found was welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable coaches, and friendly, helpful, and supportive members.  After nine months of participating in two to three classes a week I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a decade.  If you have any concerns about age or experience level: don’t!” – Rich D.-

“B Athletics is a phenomenal gym! I was very nervous to join BUT I never felt anything but welcomed, motivated, and accepted. No matter what “level” of fitness or experience you have, they make you feel comfortable and enlighten you with “tips and tricks” for success. The whole crew- Nick, Katie, Mike, and Nina- are amazing, super friendly, and incredible athletes!! I love that each of them have pushed me in my fitness journey in new and different ways- they’ve made me feel stronger and more proud of myself than I thought possible. So, I’d you’re on-the-fence or apprehensive about joining- DO IT!! This gym is incredible- the classes are some of the best I have EVER TAKEN! I will be sad to leave but I know that it was incredibly worth the money I spent. They have plenty of equipment. They offer classes, personal training, and nutrition services- one stop shop gym.”

-Nicole W. –

“I was introduced to B Athletics from coach Nina! She was my strength, conditioning, and lifting coach for UWO gymnastics and she did a lot to help our teams physical abilities. I wanted to continue on with athletics and working out after I was done with gymnastics, so I talked with her about joining the gym. I absolutely love it! All the coaches are very motivating and help hold you accountable to your goals. They also provide a ton of opportunities for nutrition, health, and wellness. The gym is always very clean and organized. The atmosphere is truly one of the best as well. Coaches and members all cheer each other on through workouts, especially in class workouts which are my favorite!” – Baylee T. –

“I’m 42 and B Athletics has changed my life and made me stronger than I’ve ever been!  
I’ve lost about 18 pounds and have tightened up everything!  Between the physically challenging workouts and having full access to an in-house nutritionist, I’ve accomplished more personal goals than I thought I ever could. With the combination of strategies between the daily workout and meal prepping, the sky is the limit. 
My absolute favorite part of B Athletics is having coaches that genuinely care if you succeed or not. Those same coaches are constantly monitoring your every move to promote good form and tips to improve strength. It’s essentially like having your own personal trainer holding you to a high standard and consistent accountability. 
I’d been looking for a facility that you’re not judged based on age, strength or body type, and found it all at B Athletics. I never knew what I was capable of until I met Nick and his team of pros.” – Ryan K. –

“B Athletics may have saved my life. The incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and motivational staff at B Athletics along with a nutrition coach, have changed me forever. At my peak I was very nearly 300lbs. I am now at 230, but unbothered by a number on a scale because I now possess the confidence to know whole heartedly that whatever goal I have for myself (competition) with the help of a new” family,” I am going to annihilate it.” – Kris W. –

“I love all the motivation that I get when I go! It’s a great environment to achieve my weight loss goal! Some days are hard but I’m seeing a difference and it makes me so happy! The coaches are amazing because all they want is for you to try your best and get better each time, which means a lot! I am totally gaining my self-confidence back every day I go!” – Kylie C. –

“For fear of aggravating an old shoulder injury, I was hesitant to take the dive into training at B Athletics. The coaches have not only made safety and correct form top priority, but have also helped me dramatically improve joint mobility and stability, making me much more comfortable and confident as I continue to learn movements that would have been intimidating to me before.” – Alex T. –

“I’ve never felt so included and accepted. Everyone supports one another no matter the fitness level. No one is ever left out. One of my biggest challenges when I started was mobility. I work at a desk and have done so for 25 years, I never realized I had an issue with mobility until I started training at B Athletics. My mobility has definitely improved. The workouts are tough, but when I leave I always feel good about myself.  There is always something new to learn. I love the fact that the coaches take the time to demonstrate the movements and give coaching cues to help you improve.  It’s a great place and I am proud to belong!” – Laura C. –

“I became a member of the gym about 5 months ago. I wanted to switch things up, I no longer enjoyed working out at my $20 a month gym. I dreaded going everyday I went and I was no longer seeing the results that I wanted to see with the atmosphere and equipment provided. It was very intimidating at first to join a new gym, I didn’t know how to do some of the movements and techniques and I was afraid I would look stupid to everyone else. That wasn’t the case at all, the coaches help you one on one with your technique and all of the members are very helpful and welcoming, so it was all in my head. Overall, B athletics has made me enjoy working out again. My endurance has improved and overall strength that I was lacking. If you are stuck in a rut and need a change of scenery from your current gym like I did, I would highly recommend joining B athletics. They tailor all of the workouts from beginner – advanced, so anyone can do it. I leave every class feeling better than I did before.” – Olivia L. –

“I joined B Athletics a little over a year ago and I’m so glad I did.  The trainers are amazing! Each of them are passionate about what they do.  They get to know you and help to guide you.  They all seem to know what you are capable of even if that means a little push.  The members are welcoming and help to inspire me.  I have felt nothing but accepted from day one.  I am happy that I joined and plan to be around for awhile.  Hopefully one day our kids will find just as much joy here as well.” – Tonya A. –